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David Moore

Are you running JAWS from the system tray or in its own window. If you are running JAWS in its own window, that is why you have to press windows+M twice. It is helpful if you run JAWS from the system tray, and then you only have to press that command once.
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Subject: Re: Windows+M keystroke

It has been my experience on more than one computer that I have to
press windows+m twice, not once, to get to the desktop. Windows+d
seems to work all the time, but it isn't the one I'm used to.
At 05:13 PM 6/25/2016, you wrote:
Hi, it works for me on more than 1 pc.


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win+m is "minimize all" rather than show desktop as such. win+d is the
proper show desktop keystroke.

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I have recently updated to Windows 10 and Jaws 17. I have noticed
that for me at least, the windows+m keystroke no longer puts jaws on
the "desktop" of windows 10. Is there a setting configuration I am
missing that would allow this keystroke to once again be effective, or
another way of putting focus on the desktop?
Windows key+D works for me under Windows 10.

Soronel Haetir

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