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Hello Adison,

It has been pretty much hit and miss with me, but I do not profess to be any master at Facebook. Sometimes alt 4, enter works, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I am typing away in a message and all of a sudden the cursor exits the edit field, but usually I can arrow back into the edit field. Replying to an email notification from Facebook often works, I think, but whether or not it is a private chat or on the page? Sometimes I cannot get to chat no matter what I do. I just keep trying different things, sometimes they work, sometimes I just give up, and move on to another activity, haahaahaa.

Cheers Kevin.

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Hello All,

I haven’t heard any response back from anyone regarding about facebook chat and facebook messengers for window 7,window 8 and window computer \!!  Does anybody know what to get jaws 17 to work wwork to chat on facebook?



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Subject: Hello All Facebook Messengers Question !!


Hello All,

I have window 10 and using jaws 17!! I find out that skype is no longer work with facebook chat ,Do anybody know what accessible facebook messengers for window 7,10 and 11 to chat on facebook? I can not use iPhone and iPad caused I can not feel small dial and keys the keys dues the feeling of my fingers from diabetes!!




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