Windows+M keystroke

Andrew Diederick

Hello Listers:

I have recently updated to Windows 10 and Jaws 17. I have noticed
that for me at least, the windows+m keystroke no longer puts jaws on
the "desktop" of windows 10. Is there a setting configuration I am
missing that would allow this keystroke to once again be effective, or
another way of putting focus on the desktop? Also, I will be upgrading
from Microsoft office professional 2010 to office 2016. I plan on
purchasing the version of office 16 that allows you to download it
directly to one PC and use it with a local copy of office on my actual
unit, rather than office 365 from the web. Does anyone know when I go
to do this, if the old version of office 10 will automatically be
removed when I go to upgrade, or will I have to first remove office 10
before I place office 16 on my unit? Any suggestions on the most
effective way to do this? Thank you for your thoughts/suggestions in
advance. -Andrew-

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