Re: jfw17 and cortana


I expect JAWS 18 to provide basic support for Edge (which opens up a lot of
possibilities). At the moment you cannot view search results if it shows up
via Edge, but Cortana will respond via voice for certain search strings and
tasks (expanded in Anniversary Update).

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Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 2:38 AM
Subject: Re: jfw17 and cortana

Cortana uses the Edge browser and Edge is not accessible yet. I was
informed by a Microsoft representative that there is no way to change the
default web browser when using Cortana. You may be able to get information
about your system from Cortana, I haven't tried that, but as far as
searching for anything on the internet, it's a no go for now.


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Subject: jfw17 and cortana

Good evening list; Marv here. Running windows 10 and jfw17. Is jaws
accessible with cortana? Any help would be appreciated.

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