locked help with streaming audio

Ryan Coverdell

Jaws 14 and windows 7. I had some malware on my computer and now my
windows media player does not play audio files right. I go to whlc.com
and the windows media stream does not start play;ing. It works just
fine on my pac mate. I can go into tunein.com and launch the stream
from there in the browser though.

I cannot listen to montanaradiocafe.org at all though from my desktop,
either from tunein or a media player. It won't open. just my pac mate.
If both the stations work from your computer could some one on the
list give me some things to try? If you cannot get these stations but
can after trying some things also contact me. This latter group is
very important so I want those of you with lots of time to try some
things. I have many other questions over the next days so bare with
me. Also, I do not subscribe to the emails so if you can please
contact me off list.


Ryan Coverdell

P.S. If it came to this can the windows media player be uninstalled
and reinstalled with ease using Jaws?

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