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Tom Behler

Ok, Brian.


Will see what I can do here.


One thing I’m going to check is whether I also get this behavior on my main Windows 7 laptop after updating to Firefox 47.


That computer is currently undergoing some maintenance and updating at my University’s I T department, and I should get it back later this week.


Right now, I’m on my backup Windows 7 desktop, which ultimately is going to be less critical to me once I get the newer laptop totally up and running.


Thanks for your help with this!


Tom Behler



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             I'd try doing an install-over install of Adobe Reader and see if that fixes the problem.  Also, check in Windows itself to see if Adobe Reader is assigned as the default program for PDF files.

             The only reason I can think of for Firefox not seeing Adobe Reader is that the plug-in and program information got wiped, too, as part of the process that changed what had been the behavior you were seeing in the past.

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