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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I had trouble with column headings until I dropped verbosity to

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I don't remember having success with Access after Office 2007 with
any version of JAWS. If someone else did, though, that's great! I
can enter data into our Access 2010 database at work, but It's a real
trick to read it back to verify what I have entered. JAWS reads when
I move up and down in a column, but not across the row. So if I want
to know whether I have entered Bill's info for May 23, I can use find
to locate the first entry for Bill, and then have to up and down
arrow through the date field to find May. In order, when I find May,
to be sure I haven't changed names, I go to the name column, and up
or down arrow to see if bill's is still the student name or if I have
moved to someone else. Column headings are not read as I go across
the page, and there are almost no hot keys. But I can read a column
header with insert-tab.

I haven't played with design view at all.
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Ann, if do I remember correctly that Ted says JAWS 10 worked well with
Access? What was your experience? If Mike can obtain a copy, would it
worth the trouble? Of course, then there's the question of whether an
version of JAWS can be safely installed aftter a later one is already
on the

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My experience with JAWS and later versions of Access is really
Let us know how you manage it, will you please???

Good luck!
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Hi, I am getting ready to start access from ms office10. I am being
told that it will be a real challenge for me. Does anyone have any
tips to
I am running windows seven pro 64 bit. With office 10 and jaws 12
to be 13. The class is CIS 105 using Go With Microsoft 2010. Thanks
for any help. Mike

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