Re: No success! to repair JAWS

Gene Stevens

In earlier versions of Windows 10 this was an occasional problem that I've seen. The issue wasn't with Jaws but with Windows. Try doing a refresh of the OS.

This will mean reinstalling everything of an applications nature but may well fix your problem.

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On 6/13/16, Alan Robbins <> wrote:
I would try calling freedom scientific

On Jun 13, 2016, at 08:34, Peter Tesar <> wrote:

The repair does not fix the problem. The WINDOWS key does not open the
Start Menu.

I ran the latest JAWS version in the run box:

c:\j17.0.2211enu-x64.exe /type repair

After the clicks, JAWS wanted to restart. That repair process seemed to
work but I still cannot open the Start Menu using the WINDOWS key.

I can still close all, using WINDOWS+d, an then tab to the Start button
and use the applications key. Most of the Start Menu items are in the

My next step will be to uninstall JAWS 17 and reinstall it.

Peter T

On 2016-06-13 8:03 AM, Ann Byrne wrote:
1. Copy the executable to your hard drive.
2. Open the run dialog (windows+r)
3. Paste the executable file from your hard drive into the run dialog.
It should say something like quote c:\jaws17.0.221.enu.bla.bla.bla.exe
4. Delete the quotes.
5. Following .exe leave a space, then type /type repair.
6. Press enter and you should be good to go.

Good luck!
HI. As far as the new update for windows 10 goes jaws will recognize
the start menu. everything is in columns now. Once you hit your
windows key it will land you in the search box. the column that will
open up is your apps column. Once that opens up you just tab around
and you'll find the different columsn. so for example you'll find
your life at a glance column and your navigation menu wich is a
toggle. that opens up your menu to go to your file explorer and your
settings and your power. so you just tab around to get to the
different columns. Hope that helps. thanks.

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