Windows 10 Start Menu no longer recognized by the latest JAWS 17 update.

Peter Tesar

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I still have not fixed the problem that JAWS will not announce the Start Menu items. I know that the menu is opened and I know how to navigate through it.

All I can do is a repair. I have not found a way to completely uninstall JAWS 17.

I just sent this issue to Tech Support. The automatic response is now from something called VFO.

My last attempt was to reinstall using the latest j17.0.211enu-x64.exe. It started out with the JAWS setup but then I was given 2 options: modify or repair.

So now I have done the repair in two ways and the Start Menu, once opened, JAWS still does not recognize.

I can still right click the Start Menu button and arrow up and down with JAWS announcing most of the menu items. I can also use the file explorer to quickly access the most recently used items.

Now to wait for a response from the VFO tech support. Thanks again for all of your response.

Peter T.

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