Pitch changes not holding in Eloquence.

ptusing <ptusing@...>


I have worked at this for hours.

Often the changes I make in Individual voices using Eloquence do not hold.

This is in various JAWS versions.

When I used Access 32, I could ajust the pitch and the changes would stic

Because one could adjust the pitch globally!!

1. I changed the pitch for the PC voice option. .


WhenI leftarrow, the pitch changes that I assigned for the P C voice option do not hold.

2. When I read by whole word, the changes made for the PC

option never work.

I am stuck with the sound of the JAWS voice pitch.

3. When up arrowing the PC voice pitch changes I make often may or may not hold.

I am stuck with the JAWS voice.

4. There appears to be no global way to keep the same pitch using Eloquenceas there is "under" GLOBAL, no pitch slider whatsoever!

5. I must go through hundreds of file or document names like very long file names.

The correct pitch which I adopt for the PC voice fail every time.

Because reading file names and document names is vital, I need to understand clearly acronyms or abbreviations such

As a shortened series or words in a document name. The document names read perfectly using Access 32. a The PC voice is not available to me hence the acronyms in document names can mush

Many people shorten words in naming documents which read perfectly using Access 32.

This last issue is most bothersome s I rely on clear reading of document names.

And need clear reading of numbers and specifications.

How can one get the PC voice pitch for use in the reading long file or document names?


Need a solution.

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