Re: strange jaws update issue windows 10

anil adivishnu

not downloaded any update for jaws i tri now and tell you

On 6/8/16, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi, Marvin. Mike B posted the links to the latest JAWS versions, as well as
the enhancements in the latest versions. The email is below.

Hi All,

Below are the direct download links for the latest J17.0.2211 release &
what's new in this release.

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

Enhancements in JAWS 17.0.2211 (June 2016)

The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 17 May 2016
release and the June 2016 update.

To download the latest release, visit the
Downloads web page.

Read and study MathML Content in Braille

MathML is a language for including mathematical content on web pages,
enabling browsers to present math and science equations and formulas as they
appear on paper. Beginning with JAWS 16, JAWS has provided spoken, natural
language descriptions of MathML expressions in Internet Explorer and
using the same terms a teacher would use to explain them in a classroom
without the need to install any third-party software applications or
plugins. When
you encounter MathML on a web page, JAWS describes the expression, followed
by the message "Math Content." You can then press ENTER while focused on
expression to open the Math Viewer where you can use the ARROW keys to
explore it in greater detail. Math expressions are also displayed with
in the Math Viewer as they are spoken so sighted teachers can assist
students that are using JAWS to study math.

For students who find it more beneficial to study math using braille, JAWS
17 now also displays MathML content in braille using the popular Nemeth
code. If you are using a refreshable braille display and JAWS is configured
for Contracted Braille, the message "Math" is displayed followed by the
If the expression is too long to fit on the display, you can use the panning
buttons on your display to view the rest of it. Otherwise, if JAWS is set
for Computer Braille, the message "Math" is displayed followed by a message
stating that Contracted Braille must be enabled to view math content.

When the Math Viewer is active, the entire expression remains on the display
as you use the ARROW keys to navigate parts of the expression. However, the
cursor (dots 7 and 8) moves to the start of the partial expression that
gains focus. Pressing a cursor router over a term in the expression will
also immediately
move the cursor to the specific location and cause JAWS to speak and
visually highlight the partial expression as if you moved to it with the
ARROW keys.

Note: Since Nemeth Braille is a system exclusive to English, MathML content
can currently only be shown in braille if JAWS is configured for one of the
English Contracted Braille output modes.

Visit the
MathML Examples page
to experience JAWS and MathML support in action.

Other Changes
list of 10 items
. In response to a customer request, the CTRL+CAPS LOCK+LEFT BRACKET
keystroke has been assigned in the laptop keyboard layout to tether the JAWS
to the PC cursor. This command causes the JAWS Cursor to follow the PC
Cursor as it moves around the screen. In the desktop keyboard layout, this
. You can now press SHIFT+INSERT+NUM PAD PLUS to route the Touch Cursor to
the JAWS cursor location, or SHIFT+INSERT+NUM PAD MINUS to route the JAWS
to the Touch cursor location.
. Addressed reported instances where JAWS was unexpectedly closing or
restarting in some Windows 10 apps.
. When opening a meeting request from the Inbox in Outlook 2013 and later,
resolved an issue where you could not access the From and Sent fields with
. Resolved a reported issue with the Internet Explorer Add a Favorite dialog
box where JAWS was not reading the "Create in" combo box.
. Addressed a reported issue where Navigation Quick Keys stopped working
after pressing INSERT+CTRL+ESC to reload the scripts, or focus moved from
secure desktop to the browser.
. In Word 2013 and 2016, addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was
announcing "find and replace" instead of "go to" when pressing CTRL+G.
. Resolved an issue with Excel 2013 and later where pressing ALT+EQUALS to
add the numbers in a column or row was not announcing the range of cells to
be included in the total.
. In Excel, resolved an issue where pressing a cursor router on a braille
display was not working as expected when editing the contents of a cell.
. Resolved issues identified by users through the JAWS error reporting
list end

Take care.

Bill White
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From: marvin hunkin
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2016 10:11 PM
Subject: strange jaws update issue windows 10

Hi. Decided to download via the check for jaws option, then it got stuck,
or accidentally closed the lid, so decided to download the full 64 bit
version, and then tried to run as administrator from file explorer, windows
10, said something about my configuration or developer mode not set right
and have it as developer, and then tried sxstrace, but would not work, so
had to do a reboot of my machine, then had to download and install via check
for updates. So wondering, if you have an issue, with this latest version.

Also, what's in the new latest update, could not seem to find the
enhancements for this version.


Ps: did contact freedomscientific.

Ps: did contact freedom

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