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Hello Kane,

Yes, my primary use of iTunes is to sync audio books to my iPod. It used to
be a very simple process to check and uncheck titles from my existing
library of books -- but no more. Now, the only solution I find that works
consistently is to erase the entire book library from iTunes, and paste a
different set back into iTunes, and then to use the "sync all books" option.
That is the only way I can control which titles to keep and which to add.
Very time-consuming but the only way to have control of the process. I
suspect that a similar approach is also necessary for Podcasts, music, and
apps. I shudder to think of doing the same thing for all of them. iTunes has
truly become a wicked necessity.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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I've noticed there is also lack of clarity around the Books list in
the latest version of iTunes with JAWS. I've recently started
purchasing and reading e-books using the iBooks app on my
iPhone--ordinarily not a problem, since I can download through the
iTunes app on my iPhone. But when a recent download got stuck in
transmission, the only way I could fix this was to sync that
particular phone with iTunes and then force the transfer manually onto
my phone through a copy from the iTunes 12 program on my PC. Somehow
I got it to work using arrow keys and the right-click function; but
JAWS never actually identified the right title while I was in the
Books list. So this too is a part of the same problem which will need

Thanks for all your comments.


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