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Yes that behavior of iTunes came with version 12. And it really p***es me off. It also affects how to select audio books. Same problem -- you get kicked off the list after several selections and have to tab back, and then slog your way through the first batch to get back to where you were.
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I am currently running Win 10, latest Jaws, and iTunes version 12.4.1

It has been a while since I played with apps etc. in iTunes That section used to be in a list format where one had the option to install, remove, or deleted the app. I do not see any way to delete an app from there now. I also don’t see a way to navigate all 41 apps I have. I go to the tree view, select apps, then tab to where they are. Seems like I can tab through a few then get tossed to another section of iTunes. When I look at my phone under iTunes, media, I see a mobile apps folder but all  my current apps are not listed. I know beginning in IOS 9, app thinning was introduced so transferring purchases in the iTunes program on my PC with iPhone plugged in synced almost instantly. Don’t think it is copying things over like before IOS 9.

So, how does one know what apps are backed up and how can one get rid of apps in history they no longer want, even if not installed on iPhone anymore.




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