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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Access 2007 works well with 10. The story one of the developers gave me
was that 11 and after don't function well with XP. The Freedom
Scientific employees with whom I spoke said that later platforms pose no
problems, but a glance at the help files shows things have definitely
changed. The early reports on 13 from Freedom say things are looking
up; we'll soon see.

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One participant on this list has been having trouble with MS-Access for
years and several versions of JAWS. I also tried using it a few years
and when I contacted FS on the usability of MS-Access, I was told that
were no scripts currently developed for it. Since it's not a mainstream
application, it does not get strong attention from the script

You may not find much relief in using MS-Access with JAWS.

Any way you can use a band-aid approach and import/export from/to Excel
do your processing and development work with Excel, instead?

Excel is definitely (as you've already reported) well-supported by

Dave Carlson
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Hi, I am getting ready to start access from ms office10. I am being
that it will be a real challenge for me. Does anyone have any tips to
I am running windows seven pro 64 bit. With office 10 and jaws 12 soon
be 13. The class is CIS 105 using Go With Microsoft 2010. Thanks for
help. Mike

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