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Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Tim,
Here are the basic notes:
From: Brian Lee
Hello Tom,

The following steps should work:
1.       Press JAWS key with D to bring up the dictionary manager.

2.       Use CTRL with Shift and D to load the default dictionary manager.

3.       Tab to the tree view and press E for English.

4.       Expand the English option by using right arrow key.

5.       Use down arrow key and find the appropriate synthesizer.  You can
also press E for Eloquence, V for ?Vocalizer, V until you find Vocalizer
Expressive, etc.

6.       Use right arrow to open the appropriate synthesizer item.

7.       Press a backslash key until you find a backslash followed by 011.
JAWS should tell you that this equals Vertical Tab. 

8.       Tab to the Change button and press spacebar.

9.       In the Actual Word field should be the \011.  Tab to the
Replacement Word field and press spacebar one time. 

10.   Tab to OK and use spacebar.

11.   Use CTRL with S to save changes.

12.   Close the window using Alt with F4.

13.   You might or might not need to restart JAWS.
The above worked for me using a Vocalizer Expressive profile.  
Take care.
Brian Lee

From: Brian Lee
I also noticed a \011 entry after the list of languages.  Without opening
English and Eloquence check after "Russian" in the list of languages.  I
switched to Eloquence and changed that entry and it worked.  Hope you get it
Take care.   
Brian Lee
From: Bill White
Hi, Mike. The only thing I would add to this post is that if the value beginning with the backslash is not in the default dictionary under english, and under your particular synthesizer, you may need to press the Add button, instead of the Change button, add the \011 value in the Real Word field, then tab to the replacement field and type the space character as the replacement word. The other steps are valid.
Bill White billwhite92701@...
Take care.
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Subject: Vertical Tab symbol being spoken.

HI All,
I know a lot of notes were exchanged recently on this list regarding JAWS speaking the vertical tab symbol under certain circumstances.  I was not noticing the problem, and did not read any of those emails.  But, a friend just asked me what to do to solve the problem.
Would someone on this list be so kind as to give me a brief description of the symptoms and the solution?  I would greatly appreciate the accommodation.
Tim Ford

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