Re: JAWS Portable - Can such a creature be created?

Michael Mote

I feel your pain.  Good luck!  Keep us posted on what you’re dealing with.  I’m sure one of us can help with a good solution, or maybe a plan F!



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          Thanks very much for this info.

          I doubt very much it will be useful in my specific circumstance since I doubt that any VPNs exist (or will exist) for this organization.  It's a tiny church-related charity that's almost exclusively staffed by volunteers and there's no IT department to speak of.  I exist "between a rock and a hard place" because I contract with the Virginia Department for the Blind and Visually-Impaired as a tutor and tech support person.  We never know what the various sites our clients may hook up with may be like and I have no wherewithal to do anything specific on either side.  I get listened to, a lot, which is great but in the end I'm a glorified go-between and if either side decides they don't or can't go a certain way then I'm stuck coming up with plans B, C, D, and sometimes E.

          It's still great to know for future reference.

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