Re: JAWS Portable - Can such a creature be created?

Michael Mote

Brian, JAWS has an option that allows you to connect to a virtual environment, through remote access.  You can read up on how this works under the JAWS help system.  I support this, for several employees, and could help you if this is what you indeed wind up having to do.  If it is simply connecting to a network through a VPN, generally speaking, JAWS handles that OK.



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Subject: JAWS Portable - Can such a creature be created?


I have a client who has been using JAWS for quite a while now and has been on version 17 since at least last fall.  He is about to begin an internship and it remains uncertain whether he will be able to connect his personal computer to the organization's network (we're hoping so, but).

I know that NVDA supports making a portable version that you can place on a USB drive or SD card, carry with, and use as a freestanding program on other machines without installing it.  I have never explored whether JAWS supports such an arrangement.  Does anyone know if it does?


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