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1 other note:
Vertical Tab, is what's trying to be muted, not vertical bar or vertical line.  Vertical Tab isn't a punctuation mark, it's got some other designation that I don't recall at the moment.
Take care.
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Hi Hamilton,
A correction to your steps:
When making changes in the customize punctuation list, if you do not
want Jaws to speak/recognize a particular punctuation mark you want to choose the
" all " selection.  You will have 4 radio buttons to arrow up or down
through.  They are none, some, most, & all.  In these selections they work
backwards than what you would think.  For example;  If you choose " none "
for the dollar sign, Jaws will speak / recognize every dollar sign in
whatever you are reading.  On the other hand, if you choose the " all "
radio button, Jaws will not speak / recognize any dollar signs.
In short, these settings tell Jaws what to, Ignore, & not what to recognize.
Take care.
FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! It comes bundled with the software.  Go Dodgers!
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Let’s try this again.


In a previous message on this subject, I made reference to “customizing” JAWS punctuation settings, and hoped that someone with more expertise could take this to a solution for getting rid of these vertical lines.  Since no-one did, I took it upon myself to find the solution.  Keep in mind that I am using the most updated version of JAWS 17, with OFFICE 2013 on a Windows 8.1, 64-bit system.  And, by the way, I have heard the virtical lines in OUTLOOK messages, PDF files, the internet and some WORD files.


Anyway, here goes:


Go to JAWS by “alt-tabbing” until you hear “JAWS.

Press the alt key for the menu.

Right arrow once to “Utilities”.

Down arrow 5 times to “settings center” and press enter.

Down arrow to “punctuation”.

Right arrow to open “Punctuations”.

Down arrow once to “customize punctuations ...”.

Press spacebar, not the enter key, to open this item


At this point, you should find yourself at the top of a 190 item list of punctuations.  For each punctuation mark, it will say: “none”, “some”, “most”, or “all”.  This means that that punctuation mark will be read “none” of the time”, “some” of the time, and so on.


If you want to change what is specified for a specific punctuation, tab once, and it will say “none checked”, “some checked”, “most”, or “all”.  To change when that punctuation is spoken, use the up/down arrows to select the setting that you want.  If you want something to be spoken only when you are proof reading, for example, set the item to “all”.  If you never want to hear that punctuation, set it to “none”.


Now, “vertical line” is item 176 on this list of 190 punctuations.  So:


Press “end” to get to the bottom of the list.

Up arrow to “vertical line”.

Tab once to the list of: “none”, “some”, and so on.

Then use up or down arrow to select when you want it to be spoken.  If you never want to hear it, select “none”.  If you want to hear it if you are doing something like “proof reading”, select “all”. 


After you have made your selections, including any other changes you might want to make to this list, tab over to OK and press enter.

You will find yourself back on the “customizing punctuations ...” item in the list of JAWS settings.  Then, tab to “apply” and press enter.  Then, tab to “OK” and press enter again.  This should take you out of the “settings center”.

Then, alt-tab to the item/file that you were working on prior to this exercise.


Now, I am not certain of this; but, you may have to close, and restart JAWS after making punctuation changes.


The bottom line on this topic is that trying to use the “dictionary” to stop hearing vertical lines is likely doomed to failure.  Whereas, the above method should work without fail.


Jim H




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