Re: Turn Off Automatic Page Breaks in Microsoft Word

Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

When I have an unwanted page break, I get to it and delete or past and
back space. I have had no problem getting them out, but I only have
things like my card rules for two games, my personal address files and
things like that. Also I keep bank records, since I can't write in the
register. I start with a new form every month, and where a page might
interfere, I have had no problem ridding myself of it. Now, if you have
material of a more sophisticated character, this might not be helpful in
your case.

Bye for now,


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Subject: Turn Off Automatic Page Breaks in Microsoft Word

Hi, it's Annabelle.
Is there a way for me to turn off, or at least override automatic page
breaks in Microsoft Word? In this document I have, there's an automatic
page break to page 5, with no text on that line, then I inserted a manual
page break, where it was supposed to be page 5, but Microsoft Word
automatically put it as page 6. I have Microsoft Office Standard Edition

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