Re: Solution found to the new line announcement problem (was) Further to the virtical tab discussion



            I understand what you're saying, and what you're doing, what I don't understand is what JAWS is doing and why.  Even with all hidden text formatting shown, there is no "new line" in flowed text when it wraps to a new line in a word document.  Generally the last character on each line where the next line flows is the space that separates the last word on the line above from the one that starts the next visible line.  There is no logical reason for JAWS to announce New Line at all and it had not been doing so in any of the JAWS releases I've worked with, starting at either 11 or 13, if memory serves.  The last several years I've had clients primarily with 15 or 16 with some upgrading to 17 recently.

           Since the whole point of how a word processor works is to flow text and so that new lines aren't actually accomplished by a character insertion it seems utterly bizarre that JAWS is announcing this.  Since there is no real new line character, and the introduction of just a character or more could potentially cause a whole document to be "reflowed" this seems particularly bad behavior.  Paragraph markers, though, are generated by hitting the Enter key and exist as entities so it makes sense for those to be announced when you're using the visible formatting setting.

           Another poster is getting ready to rattle the cage of Freedom Scientific Technical Support on this, since the behavior is very recently introduced and multiple people are having it occur that don't want and never wanted for it to occur.


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