Re: How To Stop Jaws From Saying "Vertical Tab"




To get the “virticle tab” character, press shift+enter.  You will see that this takes your following text, or “cursor”, to the next line without the need to press enter again.  To be honest, I do not really know why some people like to use this; but, it may have to do with “visual presentation”.  If that’s the case, “who cares” if it’s there, as long as we don’t have to hear it!


Once you have gotten into the “dictionairy” (ins/JAWS+dj), be sure to press shift+ctrol+ d for the default dictionairy if you wish to “never” hear this character in any applications.  You can place “shift-enter” into the first “dictionairy entry field”; then, tab to the “replacement word” field and press spacebar followed by the enter key.  When prompted to add another entry, press ctrl+s, to save, and alt+ctrl to close the dictionairy and return to where you were.


There are other ways to do this, e.g. “customizing” your JAWS punctuation settings by changing which punctuations are spoken under the headings of “none”, “some”, “most” and “all”.  I am sure that someone with more expertise than I have could tell you exactly how to do this.  However, if you go into your JAWS settings and find “punctuations” and look around a bit, you may find that getting to do what you want to do is fairly intuitive after all.


Good luck.


Jim H




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