Re: How To Stop Jaws From Saying "Vertical Tab"



          I know what it is, but it is so very seldom used (or even known about) that I'm really wondering if what is being announced as "vertical tab" is actually a vertical tab.  I come from the days of computing when there were punch cards, 300 BAUD lines, tractor feed paper, and when carriage return was just that and a line feed character was necessary to bump the paper (or screen cursor) to the next line.

          The only use that I can conceivably find for vertical tab these days is if one is writing poetry where one wants line breaks but doesn't want the automatic paragraph break that comes from hitting return.  Were I writing this way I'd find it much easier to set paragraph spacing such that there was "no space after paragraph" and actually have to hit Enter twice to create a blank line.

          I'd love to have an example of a file where "vertical tab" is being announced to see how it's laid out on the screen and whether the vertical tab is actually there or if that's being used to describe something else.

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