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I ran into this just the other day. A call to Audible's support pointed me in the direction of the installer for the Audible program. You end up uninstalling your current version of the program and reinstalling it. But it does still look and act as it should. Your other option is to use the Audible App for Windows. I was working with someone who used Zoomtext when I was sorting this out, so I didn't get to test that new Audible App with JAWS. The one thing I did note was that there wasn't a way to use it to send the books to the Victor Reader Stream, which is what needed to happen in this case. So that was why I gave up on it and called Audible to see how to get the old version of the program to work. Just for more info, the bonus to doing all this uninstalling and reinstalling is that you will now be able to download, even quite long books, in one file.

I'm sorry that I didn't record all of the steps for finding that Audible installer.

Let us know how you do.

Sue B.

On 5/31/16 9:23 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
I would like to play audible books on windows 10.
I had a program called audible manager in win 7, but this doesn't seem
to work at all now.
There is an app in app store called audible.
Is there a way to access this with jaws?
I really want to listen to my books.

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