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Cindy Ray <cindyray@...>

Well, that's like comparing apples and oranges. Apples developed their own
screen reading software. I guess I feel that as long as FS and the others
keep at it, there's hope. Was the time we didn't get things until
obsolescence had set in. I won't say I don't get impatient; I do, but it is
still worlds better than it was, and it will continue to be even though it
might be at a snail's pace.

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My suspicion is that such problems are going to become a lot more common,
not less. Since Microsoft will update the OS as they feel like it, things
are going to get broken in the normal development process, and we can look
forward to more downtime. Folks on the Apple side of things have dealt with
this for years, where an application will stop working after an upgrade. I
can just hope that your prediction that it'll get easier will bear out,
despite my apprehensions.

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Dave Carlson <> wrote:
Exactly the same issues with the find, links list, and other JAWS dialogs.
It won't come up right away, and trying again results in that message.
15 to 20 seconds next time to see if it ultimately works.

I just tried Insert-F7 here (Windows 10, JAWS 17, latest update - Firefox)
and it came up immediately.

Once most people are running Windows 10, and most peoples' systems are up to
date, it will be much easier to report and track down bugs, since there
won't be so many different versions to deal with.

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