Re: Jaws 17 Lagging

Jason White

Nicole Massey <> wrote:
My suspicion is that such problems are going to become a lot more common,
not less. Since Microsoft will update the OS as they feel like it, things
are going to get broken in the normal development process, and we can look
forward to more downtime. Folks on the Apple side of things have dealt with
this for years, where an application will stop working after an upgrade.
This depends on the effectiveness of the automated accessibility testing, the
beta testing with users, and the bug fixing.

Microsoft just released open-source software for automatically testing the
accessibility of a browser that uses User Interface Automation - as Edge will
after the next upgrade.

How far the automated testing will extend remains to be seen, however.

At the moment, nobody (Apple, Google, GNOME or Microsoft) seems to be doing
proper testing before making releases or during development.

Having only one main operating system version to support will make it easier
for Windows screen reader developers though.

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