Re: Jaws 17 Lagging

Nicole Massey <nyyki@...>

Oh, I've waited for 15-20 minutes and no joy. I'm going to start keeping
notes about this so I can submit a bug report.

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Exactly the same issues with the find, links list, and other JAWS dialogs.
It won't come up right away, and trying again results in that message. Wait
15 to 20 seconds next time to see if it ultimately works.

Dave Carlson
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Another thing I've noticed -- when I press Jaws+F11 it does something odd,
and the list of tray programs won't come up. If I press it again, even after
some time has passed, I get a note that Jaws can't open it because it's
already open. Rebooting Jaws seems to fix this issue, so it's an
intermittent problem where only sometimes the program has trouble with this.
Sort of odd.

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I don't find too much lag in JAWS 17, but Narrator is terrible in that
department in W10. I also find much lag when connecting via bluetooth.
Most annoying.

Maria Campbell <>

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On 5/28/2016 12:08 PM, Nicole Massey wrote:

I've noticed a lag. That said, I'm a lot more sensitive to time than
average person thanks to my decades of music performance and
There's a clear lag in Outlook -- I delete something from the junk
folder and there's a pause before Jaws reads the next sender and
title to
me, and it wasn't like that with 15.
Is there a way to make Jaws respond in a snappier way? Perhaps
adjust a
buffer size, for example?

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Nicole -

I'm running JAWS 17 on a Windows 7 system and only notice lagging if
something really busy going on: things like a massively busy web
loading or mail coming into Outlook while I'm simultaneously trying
compose or read a message. Overall, though, I don't see it any less
responsive than any prior version.

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Subject: Jaws 17 Lagging

Okay, I just upgraded to Jaws 17 from Jaws 15. I'm running Windows 7
on a
Dell dual core machine.
I've managed to not have any of the annoying Jaws freeze problems in
that I had in 15 so far. However, I'm noticing that Jaws 17 seems
slower. It
doesn't respond as quickly when reading things. Is this a known
issue, or
something I'm dealing with because I'm running Windows 7? It slows
things like clearing the junk email folder each morning, and it
seems more

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