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Martin Blackwell

Select the cells first. Press Control + 1. You should be on the number tab,
if not control + tab until you are. Press tab to get to the list of formats
for numbers. You may find yourself on the Custom group. Arrow up or down
until you get to Time. Press tab again, and arrow down until you find an
entry in the format you want. On my Excel the sample text is 1:30 PM. Then

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hmmm, that was great information, thanks. now, how would you clear the
formatting of a cell from let say 24 hour clock data to 12 hour data? i
entered 7:00 in a cell without adding the PM to the data and now when i try
to enter 7:00 PM i get 1900 in the cell. thanks for any helpin advance.

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Control+numpad +

Denver Dale

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Subject: Key Command for adding a row

I am using MS Office 2013 and JAWS 17, along with Windows 10. I am
wondering how to add in a row in the spread sheet.


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