Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC" - Scripts Anyone?

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Kevin!


Thanks for your below.  Indeed, hopefully what Canada has done will spread.  However, in this case, I suspect a JAWS script is the only solution; as described below.  I wonder if interest in developing scripts can be generated?


The issue for Amazon Music Desktop App for PC (the App) is that it is 1) not made by a governmental agency, 2) being a recreational App not used by governmental agencies in the normal course of conducting their business and 3) generally within the private sector.  In fact, if it were a web-based App, compelling Amazon to make the App accessible under "Section 508" (the US equivalent of your Canadian law, below) would be possible because item "2" (above) would come into play.  So, scripts are needed.





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Subject: Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC"



I copied and pasted some of the more pertinent points of the Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act below. It is my understanding that the Canadian federal government and the government of British Columbia are currently drafting similar legislation.

There are also varying levels of this type of legislation being created around the globe.

The point being that JAWS/screen  reader  users now have, (Or will soon have depending upon the jurisdiction which the offending web site falls under), a powerful tool to promote an accessible internet.

Now, when one writes to an inaccessible web site to describe their navigation issues, they could include a gentle reminder of these legislations. Hopefully converting a response of, “Whose going to all that grief for 1 complaint,”  to “Well I guess we need to fix this”.

Cheers Kevin.


: The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The AODA "applies to every person or organization in the public and private sectors of the Province of Ontario, including the Legislative Assembly of Ontario" if the person or organization "provides goods, services or facilities... employs persons in Ontario... offers accommodation... owns or occupies a building, structure or premises... or is engaged in a prescribed business, activity or undertaking or meets such other requirements as may be prescribed."


An accessibility standard shall,

(a) set out measures, policies, practices or other requirements for the identification and removal of barriers with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, buildings, structures, premises or such other things as may be prescribed, and for the prevention of the erection of such barriers; and

(b) require the persons or organizations named or described in the standard to implement those measures, policies, practices or other requirements within the time periods specified in the standard.  2005, c. 11, s. 6 (6).


(7) An accessibility standard may create different classes of persons or organizations or of buildings, structures or premises and, without limiting the generality of this power, may create classes with respect to any attribute, quality or characteristic or any combination of those items, including,

(a) the number of persons employed by persons or organizations or their annual revenue;

(b) the type of industry in which persons or organizations are engaged or the sector of the economy of which persons or organizations are a part;

(c) the size of buildings, structures or premises.  2005, c. 11, s. 6 (7).


(8) An accessibility standard may define a class to consist of one person or organization or to include or exclude a person or organization having the same or different attributes, qualities or characteristics.  2005, c. 11, s. 6 (8).


(9) An accessibility standard may be general or specific in its application and may be limited as to time and place.  2005, c. 11, s. 6 (9).

Standards Development Process

Process for development of standards

7. The Minister is responsible for establishing and overseeing a process to develop and implement all accessibility standards necessary to achieving the purposes of this Act


Below is the current situation with respect to the federal government.

the Government of Canada

The government of Canada has published web standards for accessibility, usability, interoperability, and mobile devices. These guidelines apply to the government, and do not apply explicitly to the private sector



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Subject: Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC"


Thanks,  Kevin,


It is my  understanding  that  you Canadians were the first to get the attention of

NetFlix several years ago.


The Amazon player is easy if one has  sight.


Please share how the Ontario law affects accessibility of that  player in  hopes you good  Canadian friends just might get Amazon to change a few controls to let us in.


I once heard from a  F S employee how  the Player could have been made accessible although it is beyond my knowledge to repeat it.

The  concept made  sense.


When we are told that we must all go to Apple  music  aps, then don’t be surprised when some people move to

A different screen reading experience—the Apple environment.


Bolstering several music platforms strengthens the JAWS user base.


That is my opinion.


Have a great day.




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Subject: Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC"


Hello JAWS Users,

Perhaps it would be useful to file  complaints concerning such issues.

I do not think this response is, “Off Topic”, since such actions will improve things for JAWS users.

I am in BC  Canada, and while legislation is in the works, it is not enacted here yet, except in Ontario. But the U. S. legislation below looks pretty good to me.


Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires the U.S. federal government to take accessibility into account when procuring information technologies: websites, telephones, copiers, computers, and other technologies, including both hardware and software. The parts of Section 508 most relevant to web accessibility are "1194.21 — Software applications and operating systems," "1194.22 — Web-based intranet and internet information and applications," and "1194.31 — Functional performance criteria."

Section 508 applies to:

·    US federal government entities only, but the effects of Section 508 have permeated the information technology landscape because so many businesses, non-profits, and local and state governments do business with the federal government. To sell to the federal government, private entities have to offer accessible products and services.

Section 508 is enforced by:

·    Consumers (people with disabilities) filing formal complaints

Source; Deque University

Cheers Kevin.

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Subject: Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC"


If it helps any the last time I downloaded the app on my laptop I had my cousin look at it who is cited, and she said it was a mess and she hated it.
She also could not find what the directions were telling her to do inside the app for downloading music. What I mean is she couldn't find where anything was located.
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On May 23, 2016, at 8:08 AM, Richard B. McDonald <richardbmcdonald@...> wrote:

No, I do not have an iPhone.  Seemingly, for what must be such a popular and desirable thing, there must be some sort of a way to use this app; like scripts?


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Subject: Re: Accessibility of "Amazon Music Desktop App for PC"


I'm glad to know that hasn't changed since last year or the year before.
Have you maybe tried the iPhone app? If you have an iPhone because with the iPhone app you can at least listen to your music.

I'm not sure about Scripps
, But I haven't seen any around. Sent from my iPhone

On May 22, 2016, at 8:10 AM, Richard B. McDonald <richardbmcdonald@...> wrote:



I have installed the Amazon Music Desktop App For PC.  Regrettably, it seems to be very much inaccessible.  Does anyone have any ideas about this?  Might there be any JAWS scripts for it?  Are there any JAWS or App settings other than the default settings that would improve accessibility?  Are there any alternative programs that would link into Amazon Music (I am an "Amazon Prime" member) that are more accessible?




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