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Use the letter E instead of F E is for edit fields.

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Not in my case the fields are not mentioned by doing insert f5, or just hitting the letter “F” for field

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Hi Mark,
I just went to the website and using the Insert + F5 keystroke I am able to access the form fields you mentioned. There is also a “sign on” button to login to your account. Since I do not have an account with CIBC I am unable to login and confirm that there is a sign off or sign out button.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Mark Furness
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Subject: web site problem <> I use to go to this my banking site, put in my card number and password.
Now when I go there the edit boxes for those two fields are no where to be seen.
Neither is the link for sign out when I do a jaws f7 to llist all the links.
I did have my computer automatically fill in the card number and password, but have deletee them from my computer.
If someone would be so kind to go to the web site and find out if the card number and password fields are there it will be greatly appreciated.
Then I will have to figure what is so wrong with my system.

Mark Furness
flintman57@gmai <>

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