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I'd suggest Windows-D because that will work on the first press. I find
that Windows-M often needs to be pressed at least twice before speech is
heard. The downside is that if you only have a Windows Key on the left side
of the keyboard, you have to cross over your hands to execute that command.


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Hello all,

I was working with a client yesterday going over Jaws Keyboard commands
along with windows keyboard commands, and she told me that someone told her
that it was wrong using the windows M to minimize all programs to get to the
desktop, and that she should use the shortcut keys windows D as a way to get
to the desktop. I also explained that she could use the windows D or M,
and that the desktop would be selected with all APPS minimize.

So in your opinion, what would you suggest?

I realize that Windows plus D for desktop is the best answer for
understanding a user command to get to the desktop, but does it matter if
the user is knowledgeable when it comes to computers?


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