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I will tell you that I had to have my IT person install it because the first step was to turn off all assistive technology. I could not copy and paste the files from the zip folder or delete the same files that already existed in Windows XP while Jaws was running. However once Jaws was turned off, she was able to do so, but it still didn't work for the program I'm trying to access.

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That's the point. I can't figure out how to install it.

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Did you get the Access Bridge to work after installing 2.0.2? I have a Java
interface that I cannot get to work and would really like a solution.


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I've run into a problem installing the new version of Access Bridge,
which I discovered after installing the current Java update this
morning. I hope some of the following will save JAWS users some time
and trouble, but I'm also posting to seek help for the last step. FYI,
I'm using XP 32-bit
(redundant) and the latest update of JAWS 12.

1. The Java update proceeded normally until the installation stage. Be
warned: there's a checkbox here to authorize notifications of some kind
from Facebook. The default is checked. Once I unchecked the box (my
preference) and pressed spacebar on "Next," the installation went smoothly.

2. Then the alert appeared that for the changes to take effect, I had
to reboot. However, when I selected this option, I was taken to the
Java website and informed that I had out-of-date Java programs on my
system that are a security risk and so must be removed. The website
searched my system and found twelve items to remove via the control panel
add/remove programs.
I copied the list into an off-line document and went through the
time-consuming process of removing them. By the time I'd finished,
other than Access Bridge, the only Java program left was Java(TM) 6 update

Tip: On XP, when the program you want to remove appears in the list,
tab five times to the remove button.

3. Then I rebooted.

4. Previous Access Bridge instructions indicated that whenever Java was
updated, Access Bridge has to be reinstalled. However, I learned
recently that Access Bridge has been updated to version 2.0.2. Here's a
link to the Oracle/Sun Micro webpage that explains how to download and
install this

5. downloading is routine. However, Access Bridge 2.0.2 is a zip file.
When I unzipped it, I got a folder full of files. The ReadMe file
consists of a link that I copied just above. The first instruction is
to remove existing copies of Access Bridge. This part was routine, but
required a second reboot to finish.

6. Now to the problem. I am baffled by the Access Bridge 2.0.2
installation instructions. Instead of a wizard, we are told to copy
several files into several different Windows and Java folders, or so I
understand it. To my mind, some of these instructions are
contradictory, but presumably they make sense to a technophobe. I'm
copying the installation instructions below and ask if anyone can explain
and simplify them.

Installing Java Access Bridge for Windows 32-Bit

Follow these steps to install Java Access Bridge 2.0.2 on a Microsoft
Windows 32-bit system:

Copy the following files to the specified destination directories,
where %WINDOWSHOME% is the directory where Microsoft Windows is
installed (for example, C:\WINDOWS), and %JAVAHOME% is the directory
where your JDK or JRE is installed. The following are examples of
directory names for Java SE 6 Update 24:

JDK: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\jre

JRE: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6

Table 2-3 Java Access Bridge Windows Libraries and Related Files for
Windows 32-Bit

Java Access Bridge File Destination Directory












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