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Did you get the Access Bridge to work after installing 2.0.2? I have a Java interface that I cannot get to work and would really like a solution. Thanks.


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I've run into a problem installing the new version of Access Bridge, which I
discovered after installing the current Java update this morning. I hope
some of the following will save JAWS users some time and trouble, but I'm
also posting to seek help for the last step. FYI, I'm using XP 32-bit
(redundant) and the latest update of JAWS 12.

1. The Java update proceeded normally until the installation stage. Be
warned: there's a checkbox here to authorize notifications of some kind from
Facebook. The default is checked. Once I unchecked the box (my preference)
and pressed spacebar on "Next," the installation went smoothly.

2. Then the alert appeared that for the changes to take effect, I had to
reboot. However, when I selected this option, I was taken to the Java
website and informed that I had out-of-date Java programs on my system that
are a security risk and so must be removed. The website searched my system
and found twelve items to remove via the control panel add/remove programs.
I copied the list into an off-line document and went through the
time-consuming process of removing them. By the time I'd finished, other
than Access Bridge, the only Java program left was Java(TM) 6 update 29.

Tip: On XP, when the program you want to remove appears in the list, tab
five times to the remove button.

3. Then I rebooted.

4. Previous Access Bridge instructions indicated that whenever Java was
updated, Access Bridge has to be reinstalled. However, I learned recently
that Access Bridge has been updated to version 2.0.2. Here's a link to the
Oracle/Sun Micro webpage that explains how to download and install this

5. downloading is routine. However, Access Bridge 2.0.2 is a zip file. When
I unzipped it, I got a folder full of files. The ReadMe file consists of a
link that I copied just above. The first instruction is to remove existing
copies of Access Bridge. This part was routine, but required a second reboot
to finish.

6. Now to the problem. I am baffled by the Access Bridge 2.0.2 installation
instructions. Instead of a wizard, we are told to copy several files into
several different Windows and Java folders, or so I understand it. To my
mind, some of these instructions are contradictory, but presumably they make
sense to a technophobe. I'm copying the installation instructions below and
ask if anyone can explain and simplify them.

Installing Java Access Bridge for Windows 32-Bit

Follow these steps to install Java Access Bridge 2.0.2 on a Microsoft
Windows 32-bit system:

Copy the following files to the specified destination directories, where
%WINDOWSHOME% is the directory where Microsoft Windows is installed (for
example, C:\WINDOWS), and %JAVAHOME% is the directory where your JDK or JRE
is installed. The following are examples of directory names for Java SE 6
Update 24:

JDK: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\jre

JRE: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6

Table 2-3 Java Access Bridge Windows Libraries and Related Files for
Windows 32-Bit

Java Access Bridge File Destination Directory












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