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douglas richard dexheimer

yesterday i was prompted for an apple software update, and i accepted it. upon opening itunes, i found that nvda was no longer reading the internet radio tree view items; i swapped to jaws and although it spoke the items, my focus display didn't give the same information spoken by jaws. i tried setting up an earlier itunes version from my downloads folder, but got an alert saying a later version of itunes was already installed. so i tried uninstalling itunes using revo uninstaller and had some hassles along the way, when "cancel" and "back" were the only buttons visible to my screenreader. after uninstalling itunes, i went back to my downloads folder and tried installing an earlier version, but got an error message saying it couldn't be properly installed. i tried blindtunes but was prompted to purchase a winrar license.
i searched my start menu for itunes but got this error: iTunes.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point CMFormatDescriptionGetMediaSubType
could not be located in the dynamic link library CoreMedia.dll.
OK i lost the conversation regarding itunes from two years ago, due to a computer crash last year. is there a way to get an earlier version before 12.4 reinstalled so nvda or jaws reads all tree view items, without paying for another script or license? thanks for your prompt response.
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