Re: windows explorer crashing on win 7 when jaws running

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

Alice, I have no idea if this will help you or not, but will tell you what
happened to me just in case.

The constant crashing and error message thing while using I E is what
finally prodded me into downloading JAWS 12. I assumed that my out-of-date
JAWS and browser were the problems causing the crashes. I am glad I now
have JAWS 12 because it is a vast improvement for me. I still continued to
have the crashes though.

I plan to upgrade I E this weekend, assuming it was my out-of-date browser
still causing the problem. I saw some things on the Internet about browser
helpers potentially causing problems. When I checked manage add ons in I E
I discovered the google toolbar. I do not recall allowing it to be
installed, but I know it likely comes bundled with other software. I don't
even know what it is supposed to do, but remember hearing it could cause
problems for screen readers. I removed it through add/remove in the control
panel yesterday. I have not had any crashes since then. This may not be
the permanent solution because I could have a crash at any time, but it is
working for me so far.

Also note that I am just sending this out in hopes of helping Alice and my
assumptions are merely assumptions. I do not intend to steer anyone in the
wrong direction, but checking to see if the google toolbar is installed
certainly won't hurt anything.

I use XP and JAWS 12. As of this weekend I will be using I E 8 also. I
hope the crashes are history. I would cross my fingers, but then you
probably could not read the message.


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Will this work to fix another problem, namely that when I go
to seemingly more and more websites, JAWS crashes them, I get
that send error report dialog box or the one that says something
about JAWS scripts called to say, then some words get spelled
out, and when I exit out of those boxes, the whole website goes
away, and I have to start all over? Sometimes if I disable JAWS,
then restart it, it works, but not always. This does not happen
if JAWS is not running in the first place, just as with Oscar's
My system is much older, XP and JAWS 9...
Thanks, and good luck to everybody fixing things!
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Try disabling the preview paine.
Windows key e for windows explore, shift tab twice until you hear
modual toolbar organize button and right arrow until you hear
preview pain
and if the box is checked, uncheck it.
Please write back if it works.

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Subject: windows explorer crashing on win 7 when jaws running


Got me a nasty problem I need to solve before the weekend as I
have a 2-day
class to take.

New Dell laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

Latest Jaws 12 as well as 13 beta and the problem is the same in

If I open windows explorer I am fine till I open a folder that
has files in
it. Then explorer crashes and I get error that says

Windows explorer not responding.

This does not happen if jaws is not running.

Any ideas?



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