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I too have had this problem. What I do is first save the PDF to my computer and then close it. Next I open it on my computer and then I can save it as a text file by hitting alt-f and follow this with the letter v. Once I have it in text I can usually go through it without any problem. Another way to convert it is if you have Kurzweil, it will automatically convert it when you open the document in the program.


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Often when I do a JAWS Find after I get to the page I want to go to, it doesn't find the text, I hear a beep, then afterwards JAWS won't work on the page at all. It is just as if the screen were frozen.

Rick Miller

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Hi, Rick.

After you click on the link, do you navigate down the page in search of that
text? I find such webpages operate inconsistently, but usually (not always)
the text I want appears further down. Sometimes a JAWS find for the heading
gets me there. Other times, it takes the down arrow key and navigation
commands such as p an n.

However, on one website I use frequently, the text doesn't appear at all to
JAWS, even though it's on the screen, and none of my PDF tactics works. I
hope that isn't the case for you in this instance.

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This year, my employer, instead of sending out a print copy of its open
enrollment handbook with the summary of medical benefits for 2012, has made
its open enrollment handbook available only online, and I am having a
terrible time navigating it. Whenever I go to the link in the Table of
Contents for the page I want to read, I hit the Enter key and wait for the
page to load. But when it does, I always find myself still on the Table of
Contents page instead of on the page I really want to read. Am I doing
something wrong, or is the handbook in such a format that JAWS can't read

Rick Miller

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