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Tom Behler

Thanks for this additional suggestion, Les.

I'll give the insert F2 Jaws Manager set of options a try here when I can
get back to the laptop.

I'm not going to be picky about which piece of information comes first and
which follows; I'm just trying to lessen the overall verbosity of Jaws when
in a message folder list view.

I'll keep you and everyone posted.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Hi Tom,
While your inbox or another folder is in view with the list of messages
showing press Insert-F2. This brings up the Jaws Manager. One of the first
options you'll see is one for Customize Outlook Message List. Press Enter
and you'll see a speech tab. You can customize what is read by either
checking or unchecking an option with the space barr. As for the order of
what's read, I don't know how to change that. Mine will read the flag
first, the sender and subject headers, which is what I want. It seems to
work the sane as it did with prior versions of Outlook. The Microsoft
Accessibility Team is an option, (800)936-5900. Hope this helps.

Whilt you are in a list of messages, type Insert-

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Thanks, Les.

Do you have any thoughts on how to get Outlook 2016 to not be quite so
verbose when arrowing through various message folder listviews, such as my
in-box, my sent file, etc.? For example, I have to read through a whole
bunch of extraneous information about a message before I get to the fact of
whether it's read or unr ead; whether it has been replied to or not,
etc.. In Outlook 2010, this used to be noted at the very beginning of the
list summary for each message, followed by the message header information
such as who it's from, date and time of delivery, etc..

I have to believe there's a way to correct this problem somewhere in basic
Outlook configuration settings, but am not sure where to look.

Tom Behler

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Tom, regarding navigating in Outlook 2016, the shortcut keys that were
available in prior versions of Outlook still work. For example, if you wish
to go to another folder, press Ctrl-Y and you will hear Go to Folder. You
can expand your personal folders with right arrow and then use first letter
navigation to locate the folder desired. Ctrl-Shift-V will allow you to
move a message to a desired folder. Ctrl-Shift-I will always return you to
the Inbox. I believe Ctrl-1 will do the same thing. Finally, Ctrl-2 will
bring up your calendar, and I think Ctrl-3 will bring up your contacts list.
I use these keystrokes all of the time, and find them lifesavers.


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Subject: Some Office 2016 Configuration Questions

Hello, everyone.

As some of you may recall, I'm configuring a newly-acquired Windows 7 laptop
for Office 365, using Jaws 16.

Things are going relatively well, but I have a few questions:

1. How can I configure Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel so that I come up
either to a blank document or a blank spreadsheet workbook file when first
opening the programs? Currently, when I open either program, I land in some
sort of back-stage view which gives me a list of options, including the
option to view my most recently-accessed documents. I find this latter
feature distracting, and, although I can get out of it by simply hitting the
escape key, I would like to eliminate the back-stage view altogether.

2. How can I configure Outlook to be less verbose when accessing message
list views in my various Outlook folders? Currently, I'm given way too much
information in the list views for efficient list view navigation.

3. Regarding Outlook 2016, if anyone has some suggestions for optimizing
navigation with Jaws, I'd appreciate those suggestions as well.

Thank you!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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