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Kimber Gardner

Thanks Eric. We are using office communicator 2007 and I have jaws 12.
This should get me started at least.

On 10/19/11, Bergen, Eric <> wrote:
Hi Kim.
Which version of Cummunicator are you using, and which version of Jaws.
I also use Communicator at work.
Communicator 2007, and once someone has sent me a message I don't find
it too bad to use.
To read the message I believe you back tab once to history and you arrow
up and down from there to read the message.
To compose a message tab once which takes you to edit and you can just
start typing.
Hit enter to send the message.
I know this is not very much information, but if you have more
questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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Hi All,

My office has started using microsoft office communicator for instant
messaging and I'm not finding it particularly friendly with Jaws.

Are there scripts available to make it work better? Or if anyone has
experience with communicator and could give me some pointers I would
greatly appreciate the help.

Right now it's taking me so long to figure out where I am in the
application and where to type the message that it is far from instant

Thanks in advance,

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