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Rick Miller


Often when I do a JAWS Find after I get to the page I want to go to, it doesn't find the text, I hear a beep, then afterwards JAWS won't work on the page at all. It is just as if the screen were frozen.

Rick Miller

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Hi, Rick.

After you click on the link, do you navigate down the page in search of that
text? I find such webpages operate inconsistently, but usually (not always)
the text I want appears further down. Sometimes a JAWS find for the heading
gets me there. Other times, it takes the down arrow key and navigation
commands such as p an n.

However, on one website I use frequently, the text doesn't appear at all to
JAWS, even though it's on the screen, and none of my PDF tactics works. I
hope that isn't the case for you in this instance.

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This year, my employer, instead of sending out a print copy of its open
enrollment handbook with the summary of medical benefits for 2012, has made
its open enrollment handbook available only online, and I am having a
terrible time navigating it. Whenever I go to the link in the Table of
Contents for the page I want to read, I hit the Enter key and wait for the
page to load. But when it does, I always find myself still on the Table of
Contents page instead of on the page I really want to read. Am I doing
something wrong, or is the handbook in such a format that JAWS can't read

Rick Miller

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