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Kimber Gardner

I'm not sure what FS was trying to accomplish. All I know is in previous versions of jaws the status of quick keys worked seamlessly. Now however, I have to constantly think about it and make adjustments. It's enough of a pain in the butt that I have gone back to an earlier version of jaws.

Sorry for the whining. I'm just frustrated with the problem and the lack of response on the part of FS.

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On May 17, 2016, at 3:41 PM, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:

Thank you for the validation. I think they have made a bit of a mesh of
things, need to get it in better sync for 18. I am optimistic, I hope.

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Subject: Re: Outlook 2013 Hanging Jaws

I've had nothing but grief with quick keys and the Internet since
installing jaws 17. I exchanged emails with FS who told me, repeatedly,
that all I need do was press jaws key plus Z. But every time? On every
web page? So I consider myself officially blown off by FS with regard to
my quick key problem. Fortunately, I have this issue only on my work
laptop which I don't often use for Internet stuff. But yeah, quick keys
are a real nightmare and FS isn't owning the problem, at least not in my

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On May 17, 2016, at 1:16 PM, Carolyn Arnold <>

I think you might be stuck, if you have 15. Until I just got 17.0200,
it would hang. First I used to run Spell Check to stop it, then I
figured out that Say All would unstick it, but then I'd have to
navigate back to where I wanted to be. With 17.0200, that is better,
but, man, the Internet...? I think I need to make some kind of
adjustment to Quick Keys, but the lady I talked to yesterday at FS, did
not think so.

When we first loaded 17.0200, I had to hit Control Z every time I went
into a Word document. I went into it and tweaked it, so I didn't have
to do it. Then I had net problems, tried to tweak it back, but must
have missed something. When I first got 17.0200 loaded, I simply could
not do anything in a Word document without first hitting Control-Z.
That seemed like such an unnecessary problem to me, especially since I
have a lot of Word documents, and Word is as much, if not more of a
priority to me then the net.

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Nicole Massey
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Subject: Outlook 2013 Hanging Jaws

I've noticed that Outlook tends to hang Jaws a lot. Something will
make the screen reader go silent, and until I shut down Outlook I get
no speech feedback.
I'm running Jaws 15 on a Windows 7 machine with Office 2013. This
seems to happen most often when a password window comes up. (Some mail
servers have problems parsing email account passwords, AOL and AT&T
being the worst for this in my experience) Anyone have any
suggestions? I'd like to get this fixed.

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