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Laura Richardson



The first two times I opened the PDF attachment Jaws said “blank” but every time since then Jaws says “alert: empty document”.  I’m not able to send this to you because it is of a private nature ...... thank you for the offer though.  I was able to contact an individual who hand delivered the information in this attachment so I can scan that into my computer and read it now.  Given the amount of time I spent yesterday and today regarding this PDF attachment I’ve decided to delete this attachment and “give up” on this one (haha).  On the plus side ...... I’ve learned some things about Jaws and OCR I didn’t know before.


Thank you very much, and others on this list, for taking the time to help with suggestions and advice ...... greatly appreciated!






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          It's late in my time zone (Eastern US), too.  Let me know how things go tomorrow.  Also, if any one of those PDF files is not of a private nature feel free to e-mail me one.  I can take a look at the thing and see what, if anything, PDF XChange Viewer can do with it as far as OCR.

          By the way, a serious answer to your earlier question about how you'd do a triple or quadruple key press when needed is:  with two hands.  That's the only way I can succeed at doing them.

I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when looked at in the right way, did not become still more complicated.
     ~  Poul Anderson

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