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You said Insert Space and O, but on the next one, Insert O then Space. I am assuming that it is Insert-Space-O-D and Insert-Space-O-C?

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Hi Laura,

You are correct. Insert-Space, O and D will scan a multiple page document. Insert-O, space and C will scan a single page. I did try the first option the other day on a pdf document that was reported as blank, and Jaws reported, OCR Failed to Start, so I could not complete the process on that pdf file. It was Dragon Naturally Speaking documentation which I was unable to scan.


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When I opened the PDF attachment and tried to read it Jaws did what you said, it said “blank”. Since I didn’t know what OCR was and have never used this I did a Google search. The information I found said to press insert + space bar, O, D to run OCR.

Could you please tell me if this information is correct before I try this? ...... If this is not correct, could you tell me how to use OCR to read PDF documents?

Often I’m hesitant to try things because it could be several days before I would have a sighted person available to help if something messes up and my computer won’t talk to me.


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Also know that if you open something in Adobe Reader and you get the statement "blank" from JAWS it's almost certainly an old PDF that was scanned as an image PDF, which means each page, even if it's entirely composed of text is, for all practical intents and purposes, a picture. If you know that the content is text then you will need to run OCR on the document before it can be read.

Even thought you can open PDFs using more recent versions of MS-Office, I believe that only works for PDF files that already have a text layer and are searchable. If someone can try to open a PDF file that they know to be an image PDF using Office and report back I'd love to know exactly what office does and whether there's any "behind the scenes" OCR as part of the conversion process. I'm suspecting not.

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