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Laura, you press insert Space, lift up those keys, then press O followed by D.


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Sorry if I seem a bit dippy (LOL) but I’m still confused. Also, I use a desktop keyboard for my laptop computer …… I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to hold down the space bar and the insert key on the numb pad at the same time while pressing O and D.


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To be perfectly honest I very, very seldom have clients do OCR using JAWS itself, but in consulting my Keyboard Shortcuts document the Recognize Current PDF Document is INSERT+Spacebar, followed by O and then D. The Announce Help Message for OCR commands is INSERT+Spacebar, followed by O and then the question mark.

I don't even know if JAWS OCR results can be permanently saved with the file that's just been OCR-ed. Someone can surely say whether they can or cannot that uses the feature with some frequency.

I use a third party PDF Viewer that isn't very accessible from a "use it as a PDF reader with a screen reader" perspective, but its OCR function is excellent, allows you to save the resulting text layer with the original file for later use. That OCR function is completely accessible, too.

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