Re: Accessing contacts for the to-line?

Ann Byrne

I used shift-control-b to get to the address book, and arrowed down to the name I wanted. I pressed enter, but it didn't transfer the name to the email. Eventually I typed the address, and when I received mail from the person her name appeared in the to-line as soon as I started typing it.

This is at work, where things may be set up strangely. What I need to know how to do is to show my student. If he types a name and nothing happens, but we know the address is in contacts, how do we get to the address? I'm a eudora user, so this is not familiar to me.

thanks for the help.


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Hello Ann;

Not sure how you have your contacts listed,

However, when I go to the BCC field,
And type a name, I hear, person's name along with the email address.
So, I guess, it would depend on how the contact information was applied to
the contacts list.

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I think if you add them to your contacts, and then edit the contacts, you'll

find a field where you can define the name that's displayed in the TO:

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In Outlook 2010, on the to-line, how do I get to contacts to put in a


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