Re: Downloading and installing Vocalizer Expressive voices.

Jason White

Shane clark <> wrote:
Thanks very much for the explanation, I was able to do the install. For
some reason, I was having trouble finding the dialog box which asked me to
either save or run the file. Butt after a few more attempts, I was able to
get it going.

Which browser is set as your default? Make sure it is not Microsoft Edge,
which won't be very accessible at least until the next major Windows 10

are there any other new things I need to know about with the new features
in Jaws 17 and Windows 10?

The desktop and the start menu will be different from whatever you've
experienced in older versions of Windows. There is a new settings application
for configuring your system (new, at least, since Windows 7, which is my point
of comparison). There are other major and minor differences - it all depends
on what you've used previously.

The Windows 7 system at work only arrived this week, so I'm also new to it.

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