Re: JAWS startup after logging in under Windows 10

Chris Chaffin

This is exactly what started happening to me at my work on a Windows 7 machine.
The only way I was able to get Jaws to start after logging in was to put the executable file in the startup folder as suggested.


On May 12, 2016, at 12:30 PM, Michael Mote <miketmote73@...> wrote:

Hi there! I can tell you how I have gotten around this. If it is a work
policy, the network admins would have to make changes. Your best bet would
be to add the JAWS executeable to the start-up folder in windows. Here is
how to do this:
1. Go to your Desktop, and copy the JAWS Icon to your clipboard.
2. Go to the Windows Run dialog, by pressing Windows plus the letter R.
3. In the run dialogue box, type the following minus the quotes:
4. Paste the JAWS shortcut into the folder.
5. Restart your computer, and see if JAWS will start then.
Good luck!

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Michael Mote <miketmote73@...> wrote:
Hi! Just wondering if this is a work computer? Sometimes, group
policies block JAWS from starting like it should. This may be happening

It's a work computer. I have administrative access to it, but the account
I'm logging in from is a domain account (I assume it's Microsoft Active

Is there a way to find out whether account policies might be responsible? I
can certainly change settings on the local machine, but, obviously, not on
the server.

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