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Reinhard Stebner <reinhard.stebner@...>

I also have the issue with excel where I hit F2 I hear edie but cannot
find the contents of the cell. I only hear blank when I arrow left or
right. this is on Excel office 2013 running JAWS 17 on Windows 10.
Looks like FS ahs a bug..

On 5/11/16, Charles Coe <charlesmar@...> wrote:

I do not have this problem as you describe But when I hit F2 I hear edit.
However, when I use the arrow key to read the formulas I don't hear the
individual letters and symbols spoken.

I have found that using the up and down arrows I can hear the entire
contents spoken by JAWS. Also can edit the formula.

I am using JAWS 17 in Windows 10 while working in Excel 13.

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Like I said, I do not think this is a Jaws problem, unless it goes across
versions. I have tried restarting Jaws, even changing versions, restarting
excel, and even restarting my computer on occasions.
This is not something that just happens every now and then. It happens
every time I start Excel, no matter which spreadsheet I open.

I have also checked to make sure that the window is maximized.

Again, this is on a Windows 8.1 machine, Excel 2013, and I have tried both
Jaws 16 and 17 with the same results.

I was just hoping that there might be something that I missed or changed on
accident that someone could bring to my attention.


On May 11, 2016, at 9:12 AM, Amanda Berkley <amanda1226@...> wrote:

I've had the same happen to me in Excel 2010 and in 2013. Most of the
time 1 of the following fixes the problem.
1. Restart Excel
2. Restart JAWS
3. Restart the computer.

I think it's a JAWS having issues thing, but I can't say for sure.


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Subject: Excel problem

I am running Excel 2013, Jaws 16 and Jaws 17, and Windows 8.1.

In the past, I could hit f2 to edit the contents of a cell, whether it
was a formula or text. But now after hitting f2, Jaws just says
blank, even though there is text in the cell. I think this is a
setting or something in Excel or Windows, because I have tried using
Jaws 16 and Jaws 17 with the same result.
Any ideas or help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!!


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