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James Homuth

If you mean the stand-alone version of Outlook, yes. If you mean the
web-based, offering, that gets discussed in this thread but the
short answer is yes, with changes.

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If one has Office 365, would they not be better off to use Outlook for their
Cheers Kevin.

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I think there is some confusion re: the various office365 offerings that
might be playing into this thread. MS offers the hosted Office365 option,
that includes things like web-based email. They also offer an Office365
license for users which gives you access to things like one-drive and allows
you to automaticly qualify for a license for the stand-alone versions of MS
Office. The way that works, if I'm reading it right, is as long as you have
one of those active Office365 subscriptions, you'll be licensed for the
stand-alone Office versions - usually the latest one. So while the hosted
solutions aren't necessarily the most accessible, the versions you can get
through that licensing plan supposedly are.

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Hi again Cynthia! Using Office 365, there is a way to set up your email so
that it is much more JAWS friendly. You can opt to use the light version.
This will give you a much simpler lay-out, which is very conducive to a JAWS
user. In fact, at my work, we recommend that our blind and low vision
employees use the light version. If you're OK with using web based email,
this may work for you.

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Hi Les,

Sorry, I am running office 2010. Jason, the laptop is mine, I am a part-time
faculty member. However, the university is saying that if we don't upgrade
we may not have proper email access. I'm just going to negotiate with them I
think, and if they say I have to upgrade then they may well have to support
a JAWS upgrade.

Thanks, I am very much looking forward to life after dissertation!

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Cynthia Bruce <cynthia.bruce@...> wrote:

Because the university where I teach is moving to Office 365, they are
saying we have to upgrade to the latest version of office. While I
never expect full support, can I expect to run into any trouble? I am
running JAWS
14 and Windows 7.

I would expect JAWS 14 to be too old to support Microsoft Office 2016. If
it's a university-owned machine, they should be able to organize the
upgrade. If it's your personal machine then any upgrade is your decision,
including whether to upgrade to Office 2016.

I am just really hesitant because I am in the final stages of
finishing my dissertation, and I really have no time to deal with how
to sort out major changes in how Word, for example, works. I know I am
not unique there, but I would love it if I could upgrade without major

Could you wait until you've submitted your dissertation, and then negotiate
the upgrade, perhaps while the dissertation examiners are reading your work?

I wish you much success with the revision process as you prepare to submit.
There is life beyond dissertation revisions, even though it might not seem
so at times.

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