Re: Excel problem

Amanda Berkley

I've had the same happen to me in Excel 2010 and in 2013. Most of the time 1
of the following fixes the problem.
1. Restart Excel
2. Restart JAWS
3. Restart the computer.

I think it's a JAWS having issues thing, but I can't say for sure.


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Subject: Excel problem

I am running Excel 2013, Jaws 16 and Jaws 17, and Windows 8.1.

In the past, I could hit f2 to edit the contents of a cell, whether it was a
formula or text. But now after hitting f2, Jaws just says blank, even
though there is text in the cell. I think this is a setting or something in
Excel or Windows, because I have tried using Jaws 16 and Jaws 17 with the
same result.
Any ideas or help with this problem would be greatly appreciated!!


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