Re: Quick keys - JAWS 17.0200/Windows 2013.

Margaret Johnson

What are quick keys used for?

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When in MS-Word, press JAWS+V and type quick keys.
Tab to the list, and turn them off using the spacebar Then Tab to, and press

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Subject: Quick keys - JAWS 17.0200/Windows 2013.

What are Quick Keys for? Is there some way I can keep them disabled as a
default and only use them if I want to. For some reason, any time I enter
a Word Document, I cannot type a character unless I turn off Quick Keys.
I never would have figured it out myself, but I called Freedom Scientific
to ask what could have happened after the new update? If anyone can tell
me what to do to keep this from being a default, I'd appreciate it. I've
gone into Insert-F2, Insert-6 and Insert V, as well as into JAWS 17 on my
Desktop and can't figure out what to do to keep Quick Keys from being my
default. Thank goodness Outlook seems to be immune, but not Word,
unfortunately. Thanks for any help. He told me at FS, that I'd have to do
that every time I come into a program. I did not dispute him, had an
upcoming appointment, yet, I find that a rather strange new adaptation.
I have used JAWS for 12 years and never have even used Quick Keys. I am
sure that there is some advantage and would be interested to know what
that might be. Any help here is gratefully appreciated.

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