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Rick Miller

I am having exactly the same problem with Windows Media Player.  When I start a song playing from my library, it will play for four seconds then be cancelled, and I get a dialog saying that Windows will close the program and notify me if a solution is found.  I am using JAWS 10.


Rick Miller



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Subject: groovemusic.

Hi jaws users ken here with a question.  recently fixed issues with windows 10 and with the new fixes, I now no longer have elements of windows 7.  for example the error and other alert sounds are now all making windows 10’s sounds.  with a recent update to cortana cortana will now not if you ask I t to play your music play it through windows media player even if it’s your default.  it also won’t play the radio stations playlist through groove music.  groove music does appear accessible and you can see what is playing.  is there any tutorial or perhaps something in jaws help available that will allow a user to control groove music manually without the cortana voice commands like next and previous, also rewind and fast forward? 

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